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I am a Family Nurse Practitioner that works in an OB/GYN practice at Community Hospital North in Indianapolis. I graduated with my undergraduate and master's degree at Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis in 2005. I am married to my best friend, Don Wettrick, whom is one of the inspirations in my life along with my three beautiful children and of course my faith in God. I enjoy educating my patients on preventative health and how to balance their busy life and being healthy. Mind, body, spirit are all connected and if one is in trouble the others tend to suffer as well.

Learning A New Sport May Benefit the Brain

The Circle City is gearing up to watch the 100th running of the Indy 500, and the event that has been coined “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing” is truly inspiring. Like most spectators, I often imagine what it would be … Continue reading

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Myths that Cause Pregnancy Paranoia

March Madness is here! For basketball fans, this is a time for lots of game watching excitement.  For an OB/GYN office, this is the time for lots of new expecting mothers!  Very excited and anxious mothers, with many questions pouring … Continue reading

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E-Cigarettes and Teens: The harmful effects of vaping

Good News! Cigarette smoking among teens has been steadily decreasing over the past 5 years.  The bad news is, e-cigarette use in the meantime has tripled; 4.5% to 13.4% among teens (National Youth Tobacco Survey, sponsored by the FDA and … Continue reading

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Are We Too Stressed Out Over Hypertension?

 Hypertension screening is taking on a new beat and will affect how millions are treated. The U.S Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) has released new blood pressure screening recommendations for clinical settings.  They suggest that before initiating medication therapy for high … Continue reading

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‘Reboot’ the New Year on a Healthier Note

The New Year is upon! Time to get off the Holiday Merry-Go-Round and look forward to 2016. Looking back, are you baffled how quickly 2015 slipped away? Were you able to stick to your fitness goals, or did your enthusiasm … Continue reading

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Girls Look Beyond Body Image Have you ever gone out of the house without your make-up on, and gotten the question, “Are you not feeling well today?” or “you look tired today.” I have! Then I feel embarrassed that somehow … Continue reading

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YOGA POWER: Fitness and Peace in the Postures

I did not understand, YOGA POWER, until my mom walked into the room and I noticed how great she looked in her yoga pants! Yoga transformed her- she lost weight, toned-up, and increased her strength and flexibility! You would never … Continue reading

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Healthy Cool Treats for the Summer

You are minding your own business, suddenly, in the distances, you hear the sweet charms of an ice cream truck. Like a Pavlov’s dog you start to salivate. Now you’re frustrated! You want something cool, you want something refreshing but … Continue reading

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Couples ‘Teething’ Into Parenthood: Tips for the Transition

Nothing can be more stressful on the health of a marriage than transitioning to parenthood. For example, right now, I am listening to my kids fighting upstairs while my husband is left to fend for himself. He’s okay… I’m REALLY … Continue reading

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Boredom Brilliance

“Mom, I’m bored…” that statement is like nails on a chalk board to me. Usually the complaint is announced by my 5 year old son when we are running errands or at one of his sister’s practices or shows. Guilty, … Continue reading

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