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Couples ‘Teething’ Into Parenthood: Tips for the Transition

Nothing can be more stressful on the health of a marriage than transitioning to parenthood. For example, right now, I am listening to my kids fighting upstairs while my husband is left to fend for himself. He’s okay… I’m REALLY … Continue reading

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Which Is Better- The Short or Long Workout Session?

I just got done with my “CrossFit”-type workout session. I know what CrossFit means now. My burning thighs and calves are pretty ‘cross’ and my aching biceps and shoulders are throwing a ‘fit’. Wow that was fun, exhausting and exhilarating … Continue reading

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There Are Harmful And Helpful Foods When It Comes To The Brain.

Can your candy, cake and cookies be the culprit of  decreasing your cognitive function?  Can your delicious fast food meal deal be contributing to your depression and anxiety?   More studies are showing a relationship between  certain foods and mental … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolution! Be as fit as you can be at the weight you are at.

New Year’s resolution!  ‘Be as fit as you can be at the weight you are at’- because there is such a thing as a healthy overweight person.   Thought this before?  I wish I were the weight when I was … Continue reading

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Overeating on Thanksgiving Can Help You Lose Weight!

        If you are on a pilgrimage this season to lose weight and your hoping that the turkey’s tryptophan will knock you out- before the desserts are served-don’t worry.   In fact Thanksgiving day indulging will not … Continue reading

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Sunday Family Dinner Conversation- Leadership

Hello, I blogged to everyone  that I would send some of our Self-Actualizing Sunday family dinner conversations.  This past week we discussed Leadership.  We have a large wall in the kitchen painted with chalkboard paint that we write quotes or proverbs … Continue reading

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Pass the Salt and Your Thoughts on Happiness, Please

Tonight for dinner I am serving spaghetti, broccoli, and the topic ‘forgiveness.’  Sunday dinnertime has been coined at my house as “Self-Actualizing Sunday.”  What is “Self- Actualizing Sunday” you might ask? Well it is inspired by the psychological theory of Self- Actualization, made famous … Continue reading

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